Schwanekamp Interior and MOprojects – How two luxury brands benefit from each other.

We are asked time and again: What is the difference between MOprojects and Schwanekamp Interior?

A look in the rearview mirror helps here: In 1905, Johann Gerhard Schwanekamp founded the Schwanekamp carpentry workshop on a greenfield site. In the course of the 20th century, however, more and more business customers were served in addition to private customers. The quality of the company gained international recognition, particularly in the field of high-quality shop fitting.

With a focus on shopfitting and interior design for business customers in the luxury sector, the sister company MOprojects GmbH was founded in 2005. Brands such as Chanel, Tag Heuer, Lancôme and Dior have been relying on the quality from Münsterland for years. In recent years, luxurious and customised furniture and interiors have also been increasingly produced for private customers. In memory of the family history and craftsmanship tradition of the company, the Schwanekamp Interior brand was launched in 2020 for the private customer sector.

Today, the MOprojects Group comprises MOprojects GmbH and its branch office in London and Schwanekamp Holztechnik GmbH with the Schwanekamp Interior brand. However, we do not see ourselves as individual companies, but as a large team within the MOprojects Group. This strong team consists of around 100 employees.

So the core difference is the specialisation in private objects or business interiors. What unites everyone in the MOprojects Group team, however, is a passion for high-quality interior design.

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