Luxury furniture – Own production as USP | Schwanekamp

More and more specialists in high-end interior design are deciding to outsource the production of their luxury furniture to external service providers abroad and, in some cases, to act only as a planning office. The reasons for this are rapidly rising costs and increasingly complex requirements.

For Schwanekamp Interior, such a step was never in question. Since the company was founded in 1905, we have been supplying luxury interior design from a single source. From the initial planning to the assembly of the finished luxury furniture. Why is that so important to us?

Quality control:

After production, each piece of furniture is completely assembled and thoroughly inspected. Only when the final thumbs up have been given is delivery and assembly carried out.

Short distances:

We love the exotic wishes of our customers. In order for us to be able to implement them satisfactorily, the close exchange between production and project manager is extremely important. Many things can be explained better in a 1-to-1 conversation on site than on the phone or by e-mail.


The reason we can offer our customers this outstanding service is that we can control every step at any time. This is how we ensure that the entire process runs smoothly.

Conclusion: We wouldn’t want to do without the company’s own production. Our customers benefit directly from the expertise in the field of high-quality interior design bundled at one location.

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