Round furniture – Curved design & curved shapes in demand like never before

Harmony at home has perhaps never been as important as it is today. Because we are in a time when many things are changing. It is precisely then that people long for peace, relaxation and security. Where better than at home?

Stylish furnishings contribute immensely to the atmosphere of a room. That’s why the specialists at Schwanekamp are always looking at the latest furniture and interior design trends. Luxurious furniture in curved design is currently in particularly high demand.

Curved Furniture not a completely new phenomenon

Curved Furniture not a completely new Curves, soft edges and curved lines are nothing completely new on the market. But they are currently being given a new interpretation. In general, furniture with an organic appearance is becoming increasingly popular. A piece of nature for the living room, bathroom or dining room.

On the visual search engine Pinterest, users also search for “round furniture” significantly more often than other shapes. The trend runs through all styles and rooms. Rounded armchairs, side tables and sofas are just as popular as round dining tables.

Curves have a calming and pleasant effect on furniture

Our experts at Schwanekamp Interior know how essential a calming, pleasant environment is in everyday life. With a passion for craftsmanship, we manufacture individual furniture that fits you exactly. After all, more and more people not only spend their free time at home, but also take advantage of the opportunity to work from their home office.

Doesn’t it go without saying that interior design that brings you joy is waiting for you? High-quality interior design in Curved Design by Schwanekamp Interior offers just that.

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