Residential psychology: What does interior design say about our character?

“Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” – this well-known saying aims at the importance of the human environment. It is the same with interior design. Our furniture is a reflection of our personality.

The American social psychologist Samuel D. Gosling from the University of Texas has been studying for many years what information is contained in our physical surroundings and what conclusions can be drawn from it. The result of his research: most people want to be perceived as they really are. Not perfect, but authentic. Exceptions prove the rule here, says Gosling.

Assessment very often close to reality

He draws these conclusions from an experiment, among other things. Here, study participants who did not know each other beforehand were supposed to scrutinise each other’s living environment and then assess the personality of the residents under aspects of residential psychology. Although they knew nothing about each other beforehand, the assessment was very often quite close to reality.

Allow the personality to be reflected in the furnishings

What does this experiment say? Every person is different. With customised luxury furnishings, it is important to understand the character of the customer and to incorporate it into the planning of the interior design from a residential psychology perspective. Thus, in addition to current trends and high quality standards, the focus is always on the personal touch and that certain something that cannot be found in any other furnishing. Each piece of furniture is unique – just like the personality of each individual customer.

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