Home trends 2022: The most popular colours for furniture and interior design

The events of the past two (Corona) years strongly influenced interior and design trends.
Suddenly, people were spending more time at home than ever before. This led to a new interpretation of cosy living. There was a particularly strong demand for a harmonious and natural atmosphere that invites people to feel good.

The new trend colours and trend materials are intended to create precisely this atmosphere. A welcome naturalness is the focus here. It is therefore no wonder that warmer and looser shades in particular are enjoying increased popularity.
Here’s a glimpse of the interior and design shades you shouldn’t miss this year.

Trend colour 2022 No. 1: Organic green tones - close to nature and serene

The prolonged isolation during the corona pandemic led to a new affinity with nature. Green tones in particular evoke this feeling like no other. Whether furniture or walls, green radiates relaxation and serenity. At the same time, different shades can highlight a similar sentiment, creating design freedom. Whether you prefer a fresh jade green or an elegant cadium green: Green tones guarantee a relaxing atmosphere.

Trend colour 2022 No. 2: Ochre yellow - the new colour of hope

Similar to a relaxing green, ochre yellow is also meant to evoke naturalness, but also brings a certain playfulness. People often perceive yellow as a colour of hope – this also links it to the above-mentioned greens. It explains why it became increasingly popular especially in times of pandemics. Ochre yellow is casual and invites you to put your feet up.

Trend colour 2022 No. 3: Grey and white - classic, simple and clear

Grey and white were already very popular as a colour combination in the past decade – and the trend continues. The colour combination communicates a sense of simplicity, purity and clarity. These values also invite relaxation without overpowering stimuli. In addition, both colours can also be combined very well with other eccentric colours and allow for exciting experiments.

Trend colour 2022 No. 4: Soft taupe tones - unselfconscious and natural

Taupetones have become trend colours because of their simple neutrality. Their impartiality makes them particularly suitable for backgrounds. Yet they still convey a subconsciously natural tone. In addition, taupe is versatile and can be used for all kinds of rooms. Be it kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom. Due to the communicated balance, rooms in taupe immediately appear more homely and cosy.

Trend colour 2022 No. 5: Warm brown tones - secure and versatile

No colour is currently celebrating such a comeback as brown tones with all their diversity. Brown is perfect as a contrast to cooler colours, as it conveys a down-to-earth warmth. This warmth creates a feeling of safety and security, which conveys a relaxing effect, especially in private walls. In addition, brown also proves its worth in minimalist contexts and is thus the front-runner of “warm minimalism”.

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