Living trends 2022: These materials are particularly popular this year

The pandemic has greatly changed our perception of our own four walls. This led to a focus on new living materials. One of the biggest trends at the moment is the use of living materials made from natural fabrics. Behind this is the desire for a cosy home, complemented by materials that are close to nature. In this case, organic materials in particular serve to imitate the balance of nature.

Ceramics - not only for bathtub, washbasin and tiles

As early as 30,000 years ago, people used ceramics to decorate their homes. And even today, the material is the foundation of many kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces. Ceramics are highly resistant and yet easy to maintain, which makes the material a popular companion in everyday life. Ceramics can not only appear in a wide variety of shapes to complement a room, but can also be provided with patterns that bring their own playfulness. In terms of appearance, the material is highly variable, giving designers a great deal of creative freedom. This is another reason why it is often a lighter and cheaper alternative to natural stone. With appropriate decors, ceramics are therefore not only suitable for the classics in the bathroom and kitchen, but also, for example, as a tabletop or back panel on a shelf.

Marble - for worktops and tabletops

Marble is a noble addition to all interior living spaces that need to convey a high-quality look. As each piece has a different grain, it becomes directly unique. Marble manages to make an environment look and feel classy – through a simple form of elegance. In addition, it offers a natural robustness that is easy to clean and hygienic. Therefore, it is obvious that the material is also popular as a work surface – especially in kitchens. Especially in large slabs, rooms with marble look very impressive. But also as a tabletop or panelling, real marble gives the piece of furniture a luxurious look. Another advantage is that the material is also very stable and durable.

Solid wood - for wardrobe, living room table and chairs

A timeless material that suits any environment is solid wood. Whether it’s a cupboard, table or bed – solid wood looks high-quality and aesthetic. The shape plays a subordinate role. No matter in which room solid wood appears, it creates a warm atmosphere. In addition, it has a smooth and pleasant feel. Solid wood is also a leading option for the new, trendy round furniture. An additional plus point is that it does not lose its charm even in “old age” – quite the opposite. Solid wood is a very durable material and, with the right care, looks like new even after years.

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