Interior trends 2022: These materials are particularly popular this year

The pandemic has greatly changed our perception of our own four walls. This has led to new home materials coming into focus. One of the biggest trends at the moment is the use of living materials that are made of natural fabrics. Behind this is the desire for a cosy home, complemented by materials that […]

Home trends 2022: The most popular colours for furniture and interior design

The events of the past two (Corona) years strongly influenced interior and design trends. Suddenly, people were spending more time at home than ever before. This led to a new interpretation of cosy living. There was a particularly strong demand for a harmonious and natural atmosphere that invites people to feel good. The new trend […]

Schwanekamp Interior and MOprojects – How two luxury brands benefit from each other.

We are asked time and again: What is the difference between MOprojects and Schwanekamp Interior? A look in the rearview mirror helps here: In 1905, Johann Gerhard Schwanekamp founded the Schwanekamp carpentry workshop on a greenfield site. In the course of the 20th century, however, more and more business customers were served in addition to […]

Round furniture – Curved design & curved shapes in demand like never before

Harmony at home has perhaps never been as important as it is today. Because we are in a time when many things are changing. It is precisely then that people long for peace, relaxation and security. Where better than at home? Stylish furnishings contribute immensely to the atmosphere of a room. That’s why the specialists […]

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